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Don't be me, don't buy a circle 2. even better don't buy anything from Logitech

Don't be me, don't buy a circle 2. even better don't buy anything from Logitech

X-post from my response in forum logi, I'm sorry about my phone so much less than the ideal formatting. There are a lot of posts with the same problem. And logi support only plays games with me. And ignored everyone else in the forum

"TL, DR: The circle will probably end up in the basket. Logitech doesn't care about customers. Don't be me, don't buy any Logitech products


• The update at Homekit went well

• No connection removed the camera
can't be added, glued to the green light, but can't be found – I've tried everything I can think of
open support ticket

• the support again ask me simple steps that I have tried several times, without help

• I tried not to limit myself too much: I wipe home from all the devices, reset the mobile, deactivate one or the other hub, deactivate the mesh router and use only one, reset between them, etc etc – and no, couldn't be found again

• The media suggests playback, but I can't really say that it connects to the internet, it certainly doesn't succeed

• The assistance requires to be associated with the circle application, it certainly does not work as well as blocked on the green LED

• The assistance requests my details and the proof of payment
send everything over

• bought over Amazon in Europe, it seems that the seller was not from the country where I live, but in the European Union, in the same customs area as in Schengen (I'm not sure how this works in the US, but in Europe it is often possible you don't even know who the seller is and where they come from, as they mainly show raw products and buy raw)

• the support announces that I can only send it to the seller's country, even in the same customs union. that certainly doesn't help me at all.

• Support is completely ignored in my explanation
I give it a few days and then throw it in the basket, if there is no feedback anymore, I also spend the equivalent of the costs they put in the circle in time to spread the word against Logitech products afterwards …

• hope dies last, but if there is no further update, it looks like it ends "