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ecobee3 Lite HomeKit Thermostat bundle is 24% off at Amazon

ecobee3 Lite HomeKit Thermostat bundle is 24% off at Amazon

Amazon currently offers the ecobee3 Lite Smart HomeKit thermostat delivered with two of the brand's room sensors for $ 189.97 shipped. Lowering from $ 249, the thermostat usually gets a price tag of $ 169. Drop the value of the sensors and you'll save 24% while locking one of the best prices so far in the package. The HomeKit control leads the way on the ecobee3, allowing you to change the temperature by turning to Siri and setting up automations with the rest of the smart home setting. You will also be able to take advantage of automatic scheduling, along with Alexa support and assistant. In addition, the included room sensors allow you to consider hyperlocal temperature readings, which makes your configuration smarter. Over 1,900 customers have left a rating of 4.3 / 5 stars.

Now that the cooler weather has settled, there is no better time to take advantage of the smart benefits of the thermostat. However, if the offer is a little too expensive for your needs, consider the Honeywell T5 + Smart Touch Screen Thermostat. $ 104 on Amazon instead. You'll still find Siri support, as well as Alexa and assistant control, a touchscreen and more.

Or if you just want to bypass the smart home control found in ecobee3 Lite, consider Honeywell's programmable thermostat $ 48 instead. This option still brings 7-day programming and other notable features in the heating and cooling system in 2 areas of your home. You can even set your preferences during the week and on the weekend, helping to create a more customized heating configuration throughout the winter.

Ecobee3 lite features:

Provide uncompromising comfort with this smart ecobee3 lite thermostat. Its DataRhythm technology offers an intuitive temperature adjustment based on current weather, family programs, desired settings and camera sensor information for efficient operation. Control this smart thermostat ecobee3 lite Wi-Fi by voice or remotely from your Android smartphone or iOS or Apple Watch device.

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