ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat Review

Cupertino, October 11, 2019

Do you want to save up to 23% on your heating and cooling bills? I would have a hard time finding someone who would answer "no" to this question. That's why I'm so excited to be looking at smart thermostats, which use motion detection, programming and remotes to reduce your energy consumption and save you money. But which smart thermostat is right for you?

In this article, I'll talk about ecobee3 lite in terms of design, features, and installation on the app. In the end, you will know whether or not the smart thermostat ecobee3 is the smart thermostat for you and your smart home. I'm sure you can not wait to find out, so let's start!

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Intelligent Thermostat ecobee3 lite

With moisture and proximity sensors and integrations with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana, you'll love using the smart ecobee3 lite thermostat in your smart home.

ecobee3 lite Design

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ecobee3 lite Thermostat. Photo provided by ecobee.

The ecobee3 looks shocking to the ecobee4, which I also reviewed. It is black with a color LCD touch screen of 3.5 inches of 230 x 480 pixels. Ecobee3 lite will work for you, whether or not you have heating and cooling to gas, oil, electric heating or mixed fuel, and a C-wire is not necessary- that's why ecobee3 lite includes a power extension kit. You can have up to 16 thermostats ecobee in your home, with no maximum number of households per account.

The ecobee3 lite will be cable in your home and connect to the application ecobee via Wi-Fi. Certified to be Energy efficient ENERGY STAR, ecobee3 lite consumes less than 3.5 VA of power per month, which makes it eco-friendly and extremely practical. And that's all for the design!

ecobee3 lite Features

Of course, the main function of ecobee3 lite is to allow you to remotely control the temperature of your home, whether you are in your living room or across the country. But temperature is not the only thing ecobee3 lite can detect. In fact, the reason you say money on heating and cooling is due to its other sensors, such as:

  • Humidity: You know that sometimes the weather station will tell you that it is 70 degrees but that it is 80? Yes, it's because of the humidity. To get a really accurate reading of the feeling, you must also take into account the humidity.
  • Proximity: By detecting motion, ecobee3 lite can make sure it does not waste energy if no one is in the room.

Now what lite can not perceive is occupation and ambient light. Let me explain both:

  • Occupation: If ecobee3 lite can detect if you walk in front, it will not be able to know if you are at home in general, at home and asleep or at home and far away, so that you can not save as much energy as possible .
  • Ambient light: Some smart thermostats can dim or lighten their screen depending on the amount of light in the room, saving you a lot more energy.

Neither one nor the other are dealbreakers, but I really wish that lite ecobee3 can detect the occupation. Of course, if you want to know exactly how much energy your ecobee3 lite consumes, ecobee provides a report of energy use.

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Smart thermostat times

You can also configure schedules for your ecobee3 lite or connect it to your phone's GPS, called feature geofencing. However, geofencing is only available in Android and HomeKit applications. For more precise control, ecobee recommends using a combination of IFTTT and the Life 360 ​​app.

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Intelligent Geofencing Thermostat

You can also control your ecobee3 lite using voice commands Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit or Microsoft Cortana. You can also connect ecobee3 lite to other IoT devices from brands such as Samsung SmartThings, Wink and any IFTTT compatible device. If you want a fully automated home, these smart platform integrations are essential.

Now, if you want to allow multiple users to control your ecobee3 lite, just give them your credentials: they will run on the ecobee app with an unlimited number of devices.

The application ecobee

The application ecobee "width =" 730 "height =" 411 "srcset =" 730w, https: / / securitybaron. com / wp-content / uploads / 2019/09 / The-ecobee-App-300x169.jpg 300w, 219w, 488w "data-lazy-sizes =" (maximum width: 730px) 100vw, 730px "src = "
The application ecobee

The ecobee application will guide you to configure ecobee3 lite, as well as to control and monitor it, create calendars and configure smart platform integrations. The application has a 3.6 stars on the Google Play Store and a 4.3 on the Apple Store. Unfortunately, it seems that many Android users are not happy with the recent update. I would recheck that before buying ecobee3 lite.

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Intelligent Thermostat ecobee3 lite

Intelligent Thermostat ecobee3 lite

With moisture and proximity sensors and integrations with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana, you'll love using the smart ecobee3 lite thermostat in your smart home.

Recap of the ecobee3 lite

AT $ 169ecobee3 lite is one of the cheapest smart thermostats that I have ever reviewed and that I highly recommend. Let it break down even further.

Choose ecobee3 lite if you are looking for ...

  • Integrations with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, etc.
  • Affordable price
  • No electrical wire required

But avoid it if any of the following are dealbreakers ...

  • No sensor occupancy or ambient light
  • No battery option
  • Negative recent comments for the Android app

Do you want to check other options? Read about best intelligent thermostats of 2019.

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