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eero + homekit = intermittent states

eero + homekit = intermittent states

I recently upgraded my network with three heroes to extend the coverage to my garage because my old Aiport Extreme had trouble getting a few WiFi enabled homekit accessories there.

Something I’ve noticed since then is my ecobee thermostat and the sensors will show the “update” much more frequently now, about every time I open the app or change rooms in the Home app. The “update” will be anywhere from a quick flash to a few seconds.

Similarly, all my scenes and accessories do something similar in which they will be “updated” or turned on / off when I make the page through the Home application cameras.

Is it normal? “What can I do to alleviate it?

Other changes that happened recently: I received a HomePod that now acts as the main hub and created an iPad Air (running an older version of iOS) to extend bluetooth connectivity to some of the accessories in the garage.