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Enhance the security of your home with these devices

Enhance the security of your home with these devices

Home security is probably the most important part of owning a home, and with digital space growing and changing day by day, you now have access to state-of-the-art home security options at your fingertips.

We have smart phones, smart cars and smart homes, but does your smart home have a smart security system?

Smart homes are homes equipped with technological devices that operate remotely.

Ranked as the best smart home security systems at the end of 2020, these smart alternatives to standard security systems are some of which you can take a look at for better peace of mind.

First, we have the Google Smart Home Ecosystem, a smart speaker that also serves as a voice-activated virtual assistant.

The device falls under the Google Nest brand and can even play music with a simple voice command – it can also control certain technological devices in your home if you have Google Home connected to a wider ecosystem.

The device can be connected to the security devices of a smart home, including lights, locks, alarms and surveillance systems.

The icing on the cake is that all this can be controlled when the device is installed by simply saying a command.

Second, we have the Alexa Wireless Home Security System, a simple speaker that can be connected to your smart home.

The speaker is part of Amazon’s Echo range and has a virtual assistant called Alexa.

Currently, there are two such devices on the market, one with built-in Alexa and the other not.

The latest device is listed as being able to work with Alexa, however, they are controlled by a third-party Alexa device, which is necessary information if you intend to have the entire smart home integrated with Alexa.

The Amazon Echo range offers a security feature known as Alexa Guard, which helps protect your home when you’re away – the function is able to detect sounds that signal an intrusion. It is able to detect an alarm that is triggered – this includes smoke alarms.

Alexa Guard works well with Amazon’s home security system, the Ring Alarm Home Security Kit, which is customizable.

Finally, we have the Apple Home Kit, an excellent option to consider due to its ability to sync all Apple devices, allowing absolute control – all in one central application.

With the Apple Home Kit, you can control lights, thermostats, security, cameras, and a host of other smart technology devices.

The best feature is that it has the ability to store security images on your iCloud account using HomeKit Secure Video – The Apple ecosystem is also well-encrypted, reducing the chances of any security threats.

The device can also be used with Apple’s voice-controlled assistant, Siri, and can be controlled remotely.

Google Home, Alexa and Apple HomeKit can be integrated with compatible home security systems.

On their own, they are not necessarily home security systems until they are connected to an ecosystem – with the exception of the Alexa Guard feature, which is specially designed to detect any unusual sounds in the home environment.

All of the above devices can be found at your standard local technology-oriented stores.

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