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Eufy Cam 2K Weird MAC Address Info

Eufy Cam 2K Weird MAC Address Info

While adding a few new Eufy 2Ks to my network (and more specifically when I update my wiki with their serial numbers, HomeKit information and MAC addresses) I noticed that the MAC addresses printed at the bottom of each camera are. .. okay, wrong.

This caused me a short time when I could not “find” one in my network, but it made sense once I saw that each 2K camera was incorrect: the MAC address printed on the bottom of the camera is not the real MAC. the address of the wifi interface that the camera actually uses, which can be seen in any network scanner, router or so on. My Eufy HomeBase 2 doesn’t have this problem: the address on the bottom is the address it displays on the network.

This is … weird, but I think (a) an assembly line error changed the information printed out of sync with the devices, because it’s all off with just a few digits; or (b) there are several interfaces there and they have printed the wrong one on the device.

This post is both a DAE / WTF and a note in case someone else is confused about it.