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Eufy Homebase vs Homebase 2?

Eufy Homebase vs Homebase 2?

Hi r / HomeKit

OK, where to start. The new owner, who moves in later this month. I budget and make some of the purchases I want to incorporate into our cost movement, and security is a top priority.

I look at the eufy system and I know I want 2 motion sensors, 5 door contacts, a keyboard and 2 batteries. I see that I can buy the security kit that gives me 1 movement, 2 door contacts, a keyboard and a “homebase” and then I can eat the rest or I can buy the two rooms with batteries and the homebase kit and the rest of the table there. What I notice is that when I look at the addition on the cameras, everyone says it requires “homebase 2”, but when I look at both the security starter kit and the camera kit, they both just say “homebase ” countless. Since I can’t buy the home base on my own, I don’t see the initial cost of the unit, but $ 30 in the security package and $ 40 in the room package (lowering the cost of the food in the other components in the kit). The fact that the cameras require Homebase 2 tells me that it is a newer homebase unit and that the $ 10 differential could be due to the updated homebase base or it could be due to the fact that the homebase base of the camera set is less because the security kit includes several units in total.

OK, so here’s the question: What is homebase 2, is it different from the Homebase that comes with each kit, or do I even no longer sell a “1” homebase base and any of the homebase bases listed on the site are just the standard? Is “Homebase 2” required for the entire product line? Their web store does not make it easier to compare products and compatibility, not even to find out information about the homebase unit.