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Eufy indoor camera for easy automation problem

Eufy indoor camera for easy automation problem

I try to use an Eufy indoor camera as part of an automation to turn on a light when it senses movement and stop after 2 minutes. I solved everything well, but every time the light goes out, it immediately triggers another movement, I assume due to the change of light. It was extremely frustrating and I hope someone has a solution.

Currently, I configured it through the Eufy security application, I reduced the motion sensitivity in the application to the lowest, then I added it to the homekit. Obviously, once I do that, most of the features in the Eufy app are no longer available. I would prefer not to record video continuously on HSV, but even when I activated this with people detection, the movement seems to trigger automation with any light change.

Can I add the Eufy camera directly to the homekit and not use the app at all? I’m not sure this would help, it seems the problem is at the end of the homekit and how it detects movement. Even a certain type of delay for only a few seconds after the light goes out would work.

I don’t look at other products, like home ridge, etc. I have the ATV as my hub and my Apple devices. If there is no solution now, would you imagine that this would be on the list of apple elements that need to be resolved as it further develops its video platform? Is there a place I can email or post to Apple to recommend this?