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Eufy Security Cam activates even if they are set to OFF

Eufy Security Cam activates even if they are set to OFF

I have 2 Eufy 2C cameras connected to homebase and I use them exclusively through HomeKit, so without the Eufy application.

The camera battery lasts about 10 days instead of the expected 180.

1 is positioned inside the house and another 1 outside the outside balcony.

On HomeKit we set the cameras to OFF when someone is at home and on Stream & Allow Recording when no one is home.

I get the impression that the cameras are intercepting events even if they are set to OFF on the HomeKit, because the battery consumption is excessive.

Consider that there is almost always someone in the house, so it is activated for a few hours at most during the week

The rooms have the same settings:

Room status light: Off

Night vision light: Off

When you are at home: Off

When it is far away: stream and allow recording

Record when: a specific move was detected (active people only)

Audio recording: ON Camera:

 & # x20AC; & # x2122;

All firmware is updated

Model T8113, firmware 1.6.7

Bridge: model T8010, firmware 2.1.5