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EuFy security issue, new HomeKit equipment, new updates and Deep Sentinel review on HomeKit Insider

EuFy security issue, new HomeKit equipment, new updates and Deep Sentinel review on HomeKit Insider

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This week, EuFy had a major issue with users seeing other people’s camera streams instead of their own – unless they were HomeKit users. Andrew and Stephen explain what happened and why HomeKit Secure Video users didn’t see any of this.

Because HomeKit users have been able to see all sorts of new hardware and software ads, including some from Apple. As the Apple TV 4K with HomeKit Thread support began to arrive for pre-ordered customers, so I learned more about how it works with the new Apple Music without loss.

But there’s a lot of confusion about which devices will be able to play the new enhanced sound, though, so HomeKit Insider clarifies this – as much as anyone can so far.

In addition to Apple hardware, however, we also have news about the Belkin SoundForm AirPlay 2 adapter that will turn any of your existing speakers into smart ones. In addition, some significant application updates have been announced, including a new Home screen widget for the Netatmo smart HomeKit weather station.

An ad that I did not receive, but which now seems more possible than before, was related to the Google Nest product line and whether it will ever come on HomeKit. Google has announced that it will support Matter, Apple’s smart home protocol – and that should mean that Nest Thermostat will work with HomeKit.

Andrew also reviewed the Deep Sentinel security system. This is unique to any other smart camera in your home because it relies on live security personnel who monitor your live streams along with artificial intelligence to intervene before a crime occurs and get the fastest response time possible. from the police in case of an event.

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