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Eve announces a new Smart Plug and Thread support for several devices

Eve announces a new Smart Plug and Thread support for several devices

The new products announced also include an outdoor weather station with Thread support.

Eve Weather

Eye Systems has announced several new smart home devices with Thread protocol support, including a weather station. It has also announced a firmware update for its smart water sprinkler, which will add Thread support.

Smart plug and weather station with Thread Protocol support

Eve announced the new products in an update on

The new products include an updated version of the Eve Energy smart plug and an outdoor weather station called Eve Weather. In addition, Eve has announced a firmware update for the second generation Eve Aqua, which will add Thread support in early April.

In addition to Thread support, the products are HomeKit compatible. In fact, all smart home products launched by Eve so far are only compatible with the Apple HomeKit, but do not have Alexa and Google Assistant integration.

Eve had already added Thread support to its EU-compatible Eve Energy smart cards. Now, it is expanding the availability of the same connector to the US and the UK, but with compatible sockets. The second generation Eve Energy will be launched on April 6, 2021, for $ 39.95. You can buy it from Eva’s website.

Because the Eve Energy smart connector has constant access to power, it can act as a Thread border router that allows other Thread accessories to connect to the Internet.

Eve Energy Smart Plug

“Smart, stylish and of proven quality, an Eve Thread-enabled Eve Energy is the ultimate accessory for the HomePod mini,” says Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems. “A handful of Eve Energy, added to your home in seconds, will cover an ultra-robust, ultra-responsive and ultra-efficient mesh network throughout the house – without the need for a bridge.”

Eve Weather is an IPX3 certified weather station. You can use it to track local outdoor temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. This data can be viewed directly on the monochrome Eve Weather display or using the Eve app for iOS.

The weather station is powered by a coin-operated battery, which Eve claims is good enough to last anywhere from six months to a year. The weather station is priced at $ 69.95 and will be available in the US and Canada starting March 26, 2021.

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With the addition of these three products, Eve now has seven consumer products with Thread support – the largest of all smart home brands.

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What is the Thread Protocol?

Developed for smart home products, the Thread protocol is used to improve connectivity between accessories. Thread creates a mesh network that allows all smart home products such as lights, thermostats, sockets and sensors to communicate directly without a central hub.

Thread was designed to replace other smart home protocols such as Z-Wave and Zigbee. It is claimed to offer longer battery life, faster response time and a more reliable connection. Another advantage of this approach is that you can control all Thread compatible products even if the Wi-Fi network is faulty.

While the Thread mesh network helps to communicate data between other compatible Thread accessories, you will still need a Thread border router to ensure that these accessories can talk to the Internet.

A Thread border router is basically a device that can connect the Thread network to the internet. Apple’s HomePod mini is one of the first major consumer devices to support this protocol. With Thread support, the HomePod mini can act as a bridge for connecting Thread-enabled smart devices to the internet.

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