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Eve Apple HomeKit home security camera uses iCloud to store your video privately

Eve Apple HomeKit home security camera uses iCloud to store your video privately

HomeKit security camera

If you are concerned about online privacy, you may be interested in the new Apple HomeKit Eve Security Camera. Eve Cam starts shipping in April 2020 and is priced at $ 150 and is capable of storing video recordings recorded in iCloud, keeping your video footage away from third parties. "When it's your home, it's just about your privacy. This is why choosing the right interior room is so important. Eve Cam is the first camera designed exclusively for Apple HomeKit Secure Video. It was built from the ground up to protect your privacy.

HomeKit home security camera

Eve Cam's online privacy features include:

No registration – Eve does not collect your personal data by forcing you to set up an account or register your accessories. The same applies to Eve Cam or any other Eve product. Inviting Eve to your home is a purely personal adventure between each accessory and you.

Without Eve Cloud – It doesn't matter where you are. When you analyze the live stream on your camera, it is not transmitted through a server. Get direct and fully encrypted access to Eve Cam through your home hub (Apple TV or HomePod) in your own home. Live images never reach the cloud, not even iCloud.

Only encrypted data – You decide whether you want to automatically record each move or make a distinction between people and pets – and choose different settings, depending on whether you are at home or not. Data is securely analyzed on your home hub, not the cloud. Only when your criteria are met, your records are securely stored and fully encrypted in iCloud. And only personal devices have the key to unlock and display these records.

To be one of the first to know when Eve Cam is available to order the jump on the official Eve Home website by following the link below.

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