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Eve Cam has a reverse orientation, with easy configuration for HomeKit

Eve Cam has a reverse orientation, with easy configuration for HomeKit

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my wife and I bought some land on which I am starting to think about what part of the HomeKit setup I will get, because I will install everything during construction, instead of having to upgrade it. One of the things I’m thinking about is the cameras. There are several ways I can go. Part of me thinks I should stick with the eufyCam setup I have now, but part of me wants to look at something connected to power, like the Logi Circle View. To better prepare my decision-making process, I’m trying to test all the HomeKit cameras on the market to see what I want to include in our new home. This week, I take a look at Eve Cam.

Weekly HomeKit is a series focused on smart home accessories, automation tips and tricks and everything to do with the Apple smart home frame.

I mentioned in the past that Eve is one of my favorite HomeKit providers. I own almost everything I sell, so if you’re looking for a HomeKit-enabled surge protector, door sensor, light strip or water detector, Eve is a great supplier to start with when researching products.

The Eve camera is a construction similar to the Logitech Circle View that we analyzed in January, but it does not include such a robust case, because it is only intended for indoor use. It will only take a minute to disconnect the camera, but you need to assemble a few parts. The camera is a separate part, so you will need to choose your country-specific AC adapter and connect the included USB cable. The arrangement of the USB cable on the camera is a convenient feature, as you can change it in the future to use a longer (or shorter) cable or replace it if the end is damaged.

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Like other Eve products, it’s designed specifically for HomeKit, so you don’t need another app when setting up your camera. The only step you need to take to set up your camera is to scan the QR code included in the Home app, add it to a camera, and then set your recording preferences. All cameras with HomeKit Secure Video support have recording options to meet all desired security levels. When you are at home or away, they can be set to:

  • Completely disabled
  • Sensor only (for automation)
  • Only flow
  • Forward and record

For the rooms inside the house, I only set them for the sensor when we are at home, but I put Eve’s room in my garage, so I will always transmit and record it. The Eve camera includes a magnetic base, so you can easily stack it on something that is metallic and holds in place. Last summer, Eve updated the Eve app to allow reverse orientation, which will reverse it in the Home app as well. This feature is useful if you want to mount the room under a shelf or on the ceiling.

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Automation in the garage

Now that I have a room in the garage, I will experience HomeKit automation when it detects movement during the day. I will create one that turns on specific lights in our living room when it detects movement that indicates that someone is coming home. If you do not have a HomeKit compatible garage door opener, inserting a room in the garage will also be a handy way to check if the garage door is closed or if you have left it open.

Eve Cam: The Best HomeKit Indoor Camera?

The Eve Room is a powerful option for one of the best indoor HomeKit rooms. Eve continued to create top HomeKit products. Although there are less expensive options, I like the quality of the construction of the camera and the possibility to use a different USB cable if you want to change it in the future. Because the camera is HomeKit only, be sure to use an application such as HomePass to store a backup version of HomeKit code.

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