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Eve Cam : HKSV recording speed problem

Eve Cam : HKSV recording speed problem

Hello everyone !


I received my Eve Cam, and configured it to Homekit. Everything seems well but I have one issue and I’m wondering if it’s a known problem with homekit : The video recorded in HKSV is accelerated, like in these old black and white movies 🙂

When I look at the live feed, it’s at normal speed, but when I look at the recorded videos, it’s at X2 speed.

Does somebody encountered that issue ?

For those wondering, the Eve Cam is pretty good, I’m not a professional tester, but going from a netatmo welcome to the Eve Cam seems to be a huge step up (one of my prefered upgrade : the speed to access the live stream is realy faster than when i was on the netatmo ^^)

If you’ve got questions about the Eve Cam I’ll be glad to try to answer your questions 🙂