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Eve Degree, Ecobee and HomeKit

Eve Degree, Ecobee and HomeKit

I try to set up my home using only HomeKit compatible devices. I set up a rule in the Eve app (because HomeKit can’t use Eve Degree for automation) that triggers a scene when the outside temperature exceeds 88 degrees (I live in the LA area).

The rule says that if it’s> 88 degrees, tell Ecobee to adjust the air conditioning to 82 degrees to save energy. This works great.

However, now I have to tell him to return to normal operations once the temperature returns. Ideally, the rule would have a timer, so I can apply the change for 4 hours and then return to normal.

The general idea is to set the internal comfort range on the Ecobee to be relative to the outside temperature.

By the way, I also tried Nest and it doesn’t take into account the outside temperature when “learning”.

Has anyone been successful with this type of rule before?