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Eve Systems adds 3 new HomeKit-Over-Thread products

Eve Systems adds 3 new HomeKit-Over-Thread products

Eve Systems has announced three new HomeKit products that work with a new technology called Thread.

What is Thread?

Thread is a communication protocol such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The difference is that Thread uses a mesh network, so that accepted products can talk directly to each other without the need for a central hub device. If only one accessory fails, the data packets are simply transmitted to the next device in the network. In short: A network that is activated by a mini HomePod to talk HomeKit by wire, becomes more robust with each additional accessory.

Here are the accessories coming in the near future that will use HomeKit over Thread:

  • Eve Energy: The new generation of Eve Energy USA and UK can take on the essential role of router in a Thread network and can retransmit data packets. The more these routers operate on the network, the more stable and coverage it is. Comes April 6 for $ 39.95
  • Eve Weather: Eva Weather presents weather trends at a glance and makes it easy to track local outdoor temperature, humidity and barometric pressure – on the iPhone or directly on the screen. The Eve app aggregates current and past climate data, giving the user weather information at their door. It’s March 25 for $ 69.95
  • Eve Aqua: Automatically water your garden and terrace plants with the Eve Aqua smart water controller. Or turn on the sprinkler when you travel using your iPhone – safe, knowing that Eve Aqua will turn off the water again. Eve Aqua turns your regular outdoor faucet into a smart water outlet. Comes in early April for $ 99.95

Eve Weather requires an iPhone or iPad with iOS / iPadOS 14. Automatic control of this HomeKit compatible accessory outside the home requires a HomePod.