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Eve Systems announces new Eve Energy smart card and Eve Weather HomeKit devices will support

Eve Systems announces new Eve Energy smart card and Eve Weather HomeKit devices will support

Ever since I saw what Thread could mean for home automation by combining a Nanoleaf A19 bulb with a HomePod mini, I have been excited about the future of technology. We are still in the early days of adoption by device manufacturers. However, today, Eve Systems announced a significant expansion of its Thread-compatible HomeKit product range, giving technology a substantial boost.

Eve had already added Thread to the EU-compatible window and door sensors and smart plugs. Today, however, the company said that the US and UK compatible versions of the Eve Energy smart cards will be available soon and that it will also launch a weather sensor called Eve Weather. Eve is also updating her $ 99.95 outdoor sprinkler controller Eve Aqua to add Thread through a firmware update.

Thread, which I addressed in depth as part of my HomePod mini-review, is a wireless communication protocol that has the advantage of extended range, longer battery life, and security. Even the devices that implement it do not require a separate hub, as devices such as the HomePod mini act as a border router that coordinates communications between devices and the Internet.

The new Eve Energy smart plow will be available in the US on April 6 and in the UK on May 4, according to The Verge and will cost $ 39.95 in the US. In addition to working with Apple’s HomeKit technology, Eve Energy benefits from a constant power source, which allows it to act as a frontier router like the HomePod mini, further extending the coverage of Thread devices throughout your home.

Eve Weather, which has an IPX3 water resistance, monitors outdoor temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. The device will cost $ 69.95 and will be available in the US and Canada starting March 26.

I’m glad to see more Thread compatible products on the market. Thread’s promise has been difficult to test with so few devices available, but with the products announced by Eve Systems today and Nanoleaf’s existing lighting products, I expect we’ll soon have a better idea if the promise lives up to hype.