Eve Weather review, Apple smart display and more on HomeKit Insider

Cupertino, March 29, 2021

On this week's HomeKit Insider podcast, Andrew and Stephen discuss a possible Apple smart display, review Eve Weather, and address a small number of listener questions.

This week has been pretty easy for HomeKit-specific news, the biggest being the launch of a new app that says it will change the color of Hue lights depending on your mood.

We spend much of our time reviewing Eve's weather and comparing it to the Netatmo weather station. While Eve Weather is now officially shipped, it is on hold for a few weeks.

Next, we discuss what we want to see from an Apple smart screen as it could be great for smart homes equipped with HomeKit.

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Listener's questions

As last week's interview episode was complete, this week was dedicated to a wide variety of listener questions that had accumulated.

Chris Powers asked us how to best use HomeBridge to allow his Alexa devices to work with HomeKit and for his split household.

David Findley asked if Ecobee and Nest were close to adding support for HomeKit. While Ecobee has long supported HomeKit, there is a way to make Nest work as well.

Jeffery wanted to know if I had any experience with Leviton switches and how they withstood the other models.

Finally, Brian Masck was curious about HomeKit garage door openers and which one was the best.

Stay tuned for more!

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