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Cupertino, November 16, 2021

Eve Systems has been producing HomeKit accessories since the launch of omeHomeKit‌, and the company has produced several different weather monitoring devices. Eve Weather, introduced earlier this year, is Eve's newest weather sensor and is ideal for tracking temperature and weather conditions right outside your home.

the eve time
Eve Weather is similar in design to Eve Degree 2018, a square shape that measures just over two inches by two inches, with a depth of just over half an inch. It is small in size and can be hidden anywhere you need it. There is also a wall bracket if you prefer to mount it indoors or outdoors, but I just put it hidden on a table.

the weather outside

A large black and white screen on the front of Eve Weather displays the current temperature, humidity and weather trends, so you can see the necessary weather information at a glance. The weather trend function allows you to know the future weather in the next 12 hours by analyzing changes in barometric pressure.

the eve time in hand

Of course, you can see the weather immediately by looking out the window, but it can be helpful to have a general idea of ​​the approaching weather. Speaking of trends, all the weather data that Eve Weather collects can be viewed in the accompanying Eve app, so you can see the temperature, humidity and barometric pressure over time.

part of the eve

Weather data can be viewed by hour, day, week and month and there are options to view the raw data collected by the sensor. The Eve app is also useful for a quick read of temperature or humidity while the sensor is outdoors, although you can also use the Siri or Home app.

eve weather app

You can ask Siri to tell you the temperature or humidity or search the Home app, but for all the data over time, you need to use the more comprehensive Eve app. You can also use the Eve app for the other ‌HomeKit‌ products and it has long been one of my favorite apps for controlling the ‌HomeKit‌ device.

Eve Weather has a degree of resistance to IPX3 weather, which means it can withstand water spray. It should withstand rain and moisture well, but it's probably a good idea to keep it somewhere away from the rain, where it won't get wet, because the IPX3 isn't the most rugged water resistance rating. Inside, the small display is fine, but it was hard for me to read sometimes, depending on the positioning outside. The screen is glossy and is also washed out in sunlight, so the best bet is probably to check the app to see the temperature when it's in a sunny spot.

it's sunny weather

Eve Weather has a replaceable CR2450 battery that should last about a year, so it shouldn't need much maintenance, other than changing the battery every 12 months or so.

the day before

I tested Eve Weather indoors and outdoors and, as far as I can tell, the temperature / humidity readings are accurate. I have a few devices that can measure the temperature and humidity in my office, such as a Dyson air purifier, and Eve Weather is always at a degree or so compared to reading the temperature on my Dyson. I also have a temperature / humidity sensor that I use especially for plants and it also aligns with the Eve readings I see.

eve weather outdoor mushrooms

Like any ‌HomeKit‌ product, setting up Eve Weather is a matter of scanning a ‌HomeKit‌ QR code in the Home app or in the Eve app. Eve Weather is a Bluetooth device, so it does not need to connect to a WiFi network and, as with other Eve products, it has support for the Thread mesh network protocol and is a Minimal Thread device.

Thread is designed to make smart homes more reliable by improving the connections and distance that things are able to communicate with the network. With Thread, Eve Weather can communicate better with a smart home configuration, in addition, it saves battery life. If you have a Thread device like a HomePod mini, you will benefit from Eve Weather's Thread capabilities.

Eve Weather is ideal for monitoring weather conditions in your specific area, making it useful for tracking plants or seeing how your microclimate compares to local weather reports. Eve Weather is considered a permanent sensor, so it can't be used in automation to trigger actions when certain temperatures are met, nor can it be added to scenes, but you can create rules using the Eve app (rules aren't available in the Home app ).

With rules, you can set other ‌HomeKit‌ products to activate when the temperature detected by Eve Weather reaches a certain threshold. Humidity and temperature can both be conditions for a rule for controlling other ‌HomeKit‌ products. You could, for example, turn on a light indoors if the temperature reaches a certain point or trigger a humidifier in an outdoor greenhouse when the humidity is too low.

With an outdoor Weather Weather configuration there may be a limited number of situations where it is beneficial to set up triggers depending on temperature and humidity, but for those who need it there are.

the eve of the outdoor terrace

For most, ‌HomeKit‌ functionality is primarily useful for checking the temperature outside when you are at home or away from home, although collecting data over time also has some benefits for those who like to keep track of their homes. . You can also use Eve Weather as an indoor temperature sensor if you want, although many people have this functionality built into other smart home devices and accessories meant to be used in the home, such as thermostats.


If you want an outdoor weather monitoring solution that can be accessed anytime indoors or away from home (when paired with a home hub, such as a HomePod or iPad), Eve Weather is worth checking out.

It's more expensive than outdoor temperature monitors that you can get that don't have smart connectivity, but the ability to track weather from anywhere and weather tracking features over time will make spending worthwhile for some.

How to buy

Eve Weather can be purchased from Amazon for $ 70.

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