Everything Siri can do with HomePod 15.0 software

Cupertino, October 5, 2021

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While the new features for Apple's virtual assistant can be overlooked among all the annual iOS updates, Siri's latest changes are quite significant when it comes to the HomePod. In the HomePod 15 software, Siri becomes even smarter thanks to the deeper integration of the Apple TV, HomeKit programming options, automatic response volume adjustments and much more, making it the best way to control the free hands of our house. . Here's everything Siri can do with HomePod 15 software.

Apple TV controls

Tvos 15 Homepod Mini Siri Control

Source: Apple

If you have an Apple TV in your home, Siri on your HomePod makes it even easier to start your next excessive viewing session with HomePod 15 software. Now, using just your voice, you can summon the latest episode of Ted Lasso on ... request, and Siri will broadcast it directly to the big screen. In addition, if your TV or home theater setting supports HDMI-CEC, Siri will turn on automatically and set everything to the correct input.

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Of course, Siri's Apple TV and HomePod capabilities don't stop once your content starts playing. You can tell Siri via the HomePod to stop the action on the screen or turn up the volume, all without having to search for your phone. You can even tell Siri to open Apple TV apps with your HomePod, so you can keep your favorite team tabs if a game is active while watching a movie.

Smart volume

Siri on HomePod mini

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As much as we love Siri on the HomePod, before the HomePod 15 software, Apple's virtual assistant was not the most discreet when it came to answering our questions. All this changes with the latest update, Siri gets the ability to automatically adjust the response volume based on the sound of your voice. So if you ask Siri to turn off the lights in a softer voice at night, Siri will do it without waking everyone.

Siri also considers other conditions when choosing an appropriate volume for answers. During a query, Siri will recognize if music is playing or if there are environmental noises, and will adjust accordingly.

HomeKit programming

Eve Energy Smart Plug and Homepod Mini

Source: Eve Systems

Of course, controlling HomeKit accessories with just a shout out to Siri is also a significant part of the HomePod experience - and with new programming options, it gets even better. After upgrading your HomePod to software 15, you can ask Siri to perform tasks later in the day or when you arrive at a location, and the Apple Virtual Assistant will create a unique program based on your order.

For example, you can say "Hey Siri - turn off the outside lights at 9:00" or "Hey Siri - set the living room lights to blue when I get home," and your HomeKit bulbs will adjust automatically. Not only does it use your voice to create a more convenient program than setting up automation in the Home app, but it also serves as a way to make sure your accessories aren't turned on overnight or when you're not around.

Siri accessories

Siri ecobee smart thermostat

Source: Apple

Finally, Siri is coming to many parts of your home thanks to the latest HomePod update. You'll soon be able to use microphones built into devices like HomeKit thermostats or AirPlay 2 speakers to call your Apple Virtual Assistant just like you did with your HomePod.

Siri, through third-party accessories, is not limited to specific interactions. You'll be able to send messages, add reminders to your shopping list, control HomeKit accessories, or get everyone's attention in your home through the intercom.

While other devices will respond to the voice command and display feedback, your HomePod will do all the hard stuff quietly in the background. This method allows you the convenience of having Siri everywhere, while still maintaining your privacy with local processing on your device.


What is the preferred Siri command to use with HomePod? Are you excited to try these new features in your home? Be sure to update your HomePod software to get these useful new features.

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