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Everything to know about its bulbs, switches and more

Everything to know about its bulbs, switches and more

Everything to know about its bulbs, switches and more

There is an absolute plethora of options with regard to smart home ecosystems, and C by GE is one of the most ambiguous names.

This "GE" is the sign that it's a sub-division of General Electric – it's not your start-up lighting disconnected, not far off.

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It debuted with bluetooth compatible bulbs that do not need a Wi-Fi network to connect. Now, however, it offers the full range of smart home features, from switches to hubs to smart lighting.

With an increasingly diverse range of products, we've put together the details you'll need to choose the options that interest you. Read on to learn more about how the C by GE platform works and all the devices it currently offers.

C by GE: How does the smart home system work?

The C by GE smart home system can be a home-based installation, or maybe just a light bulb or two, depending on your needs and your appetite. Its various products can all be synchronized together via a smart home hub, including their own C-Reach hub, but their bulbs can also work via Bluetooth for less connected use.

This modularity is really useful and means that you can easily pair C by GE products with the existing installation, or create a new, consistent one. Do you have a Google home? C by GE has partnered with Google to ensure that only one is sufficient to control many of its light bulbs and switches via Google Assistant.

If you opt for the C-Reach hub, it can work with Google Assistant, Alexa and, in part, HomeKit. This HomeKit support took a while and is only available on its bulbs. The smart home systems of the three major manufacturers are now all at least partly taken into account with C by GE.

C by GE: The products

Moving from its range of bulbs to its switches, etc., C by GE is gradually expanding its range of products. Read on to see the most interesting products to know.

Smart bulb color

Buy now: | $ 29.99

The full color smart bulb is probably GE's most prominent product. Working with Google Home immediately, compatible with Alexa and HomeKit, this is a customizable smart bulb with a wide range of color options. You can save preset color scenes and control individual light bulbs or groups via the C by GE application, a simple and clearly structured application.

As noted above, it connects via Bluetooth, which means that it does not depend on your Wi-Fi network to work. However, this can make the pairing process a little tedious, and if you do not have a Wi-Fi hub, you lose all functionality and convenience, such as controlling from outside your home. This also applies to the bulbs below.

C by GE Ultimate Guide: Your Handbook for the Bluetooth Smart Home System

White and Soft White Tunable Smart Light Bulbs

Buy now: Amazon| Of$ 15.99

As you can guess, these two models are the simplest versions of the Tunable Color Smart bulb. The Tunable White model offers a dimmable white light and can be programmed to follow your sleep and wake up schedule so that it is part of your daily routine. There is also a range of tones in the "white", be it a softer light like sunset or a bright midday light.

The Soft White version, on the other hand, is essentially your basic dimmable smart bulb – its tone and color can not be changed. Control is what makes it useful, however, and apart from color, it offers all the same planning, voice control and remote control functions you would need.C by GE Ultimate Guide: Your Handbook for the Bluetooth Smart Home System

C-Reach Smart Bridge

Buy now: Amazon | $ 49.99

The C-Reach concentrator is what can link your entire C by GE system. Plugging into any outlet, it pairs with your bulbs to integrate into a smart home automation system. Combined with a voice-activated device, you can control all your C by GE devices with your voice, activate saved scenes, and more.

Due to the Bluetooth limitations of its bulbs, you will not really want to stay long-term without a hub if you stock up on C by GE products, and C-Reach is a good option if you're looking to stay consistent.

C by GE Ultimate Guide: Your Handbook for the Bluetooth Smart Home System

Smart socket

Buy now: | $ 28.99

Another simple way to expand the reach of your smart home is to use smart cards, which allow you to control the power of many appliances and equipment in your home. The solution of C by GE is its intelligent socket, and as with its bulbs you can control by voice commands if you are all configured. No hub is needed to control the smart plug. If you are not interested in a fully residential system, you can simply plug in the lamps or appliances of your choice to gain additional control over them.

C by GE Ultimate Guide: Your Handbook for the Bluetooth Smart Home System

Smart switch

Buy now: Amazon | Starting from $ 34.99

C by GE offers a range of switches from the Smart Switch range. These cover the distance between a simple on / off switch and a dimmer with motion detection, if you are looking for more complex presets and control. If motion control fails with pets or stray guests, you can turn on Do Not Disturb mode to protect against accidental lightning.

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If you have a C by GE switch coupled to a C by GE bulb, you can still control the bulbs even if the switch turns them off. You can configure the number of C by GE smart bulbs controlled by the switches, without it being necessary to plug them in, and the voice control via Google Assistant or Alexa does not require a hub.

Of course, you can also connect the switches to normal and non-intelligent light bulbs if you are looking for control without additional details. C by GE indicates that it will soon be providing HomeKit support for its Smart Switches, and we will update this guide as it becomes a reality.

C by GE Ultimate Guide: Your Handbook for the Bluetooth Smart Home System

Floor Light Smart Light

Buy now: Amazon | $ 76

If the rest of the C by GE product line stands out for its minimalism and desire to blend into the background of your home rather than screaming for futurism, the Sol is an aberrant value.

Smart lighting has a decidedly sci-fi look (maybe crossed with a touch of Dyson desk fan). Alexa is integrated and can easily serve as a voice controller if you have a range of C by GE bulbs in play. It also has adjustable light tones and presets, and can also give you visual cues on certain tasks, timers to the weather.