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Extreme anger at HKSV

Extreme anger at HKSV

I'll write this for a moment.

I have two Logi Circle 2 cameras, one running HKSV and the other running Logi firmware.

Somewhere in the last few days, someone hit us in the range of cameras. Unfortunately, the circle with the Logi firmware was on the open plan, and the damage did not occur during the period I have registrations.

What upsets me is that when I review HKSV, the camera is missing massive hours. We talk that, apparently, the camera did not record anything between midnight and 5pm the next day. So, at that time, either there were no cars and no people on our way (which is not quiet), or HKSV fell somewhere.

This occurs in several days.

I just wanted to spread a word of warning about how HKSV is not something you can depend on in a moment of need. I realize it's beta software on this camera, but I don't feel like it's an excuse. I would just like to stick with the Logi firmware and downgrade soon.

Has anyone else experienced this?