Finally, I have completed my extended HomeKit setup, which generally runs smoothly, here for details and I look forward to answering any questions (UK)

Cupertino, December 31, 2021

Internet: BT Fiber 900 Routers: Velop MX5300 (4 Nodes), one is wired via ethernet, the other 3 via wifi mesh, default settings. 2 knots on the ground floor, 2 knots on the floor. Hubs: 3X HomePods, 3X HomePod Minis, 3X Apple TV 4K, 1X iPad Air mounted on the wall. Homebridge: Raspberry Pi Devices: 1. Alarm System - Abode (Gen 2 Gateway, 5X Mini Contact Sensors, 4X Motion Sensors, 2X Outdoor Siren, 4X Keyfobs. Quick Review: After the last update, it works perfectly with HomeKit now. 2 Front Door Lock - Avia Smart Lock with 4X Keychains Quick Review: I've been using it for 1.5 years, self-installed, works great with HomeKit, although I wouldn't waste my money on keychains. ), has native HomeKit support that I've never used since I set it up to work through the homebridge so far. It works perfectly, on / off, changing channels, having it off stage. 55 "Samsung The Frame 2020 and 32 "Samsung Frame 2020 <- both integrated through Homebridge, works perfectly 4. Fans - Dyson Tower Fan TP04 - used to work perfectly through Homebridge, but didn't work a few months ago, but now I turn it on and off using an IR Bla ster that is integrated into the Homebridge (Switch Bot Hub) which works great. They also have Dyson Pure Cool Me (Use Broadlink Mini through Homebridge to control this fan and it works great). 5. Lighting - Philips Hue for almost anything, have a range of lights (lights and colors GU10s, E27, Lightstrip, motion sensors, outdoor lights Calle Piedestal). I have a 2X Philips Hue Bridges that helps to divide the load of the number of lights I have. 6. Blinds - You have 3X Soma Smart blinds mounted retro in 3 floor blinds and soma connect (which is basically a raspberry Pi). It is unofficial HomeKit support, but they are very reliable, no problems. You also have 4X IKEA Fyrtur blinds on the ground floor, these are my latest addition and they work great. 7. Thermostats - Tado, 2X Thermostats, one upstairs and one downstairs each control the respective floor. 8X Tado Smart TVR, Tado hot water control. All these devices have been working perfectly for over a year. 8. Cameras - Eufy 2K Indoor Pan and Tilt 3X, installed indoors connected by smart sockets, work incredibly reliably in HomeKit, but only start when we are not indoors. The Eufy Indoor 4X cameras installed in the EXTERIOR, have been out for over a year with silicone sealant around their connections and work smoothly. I have a 1X Logitech Circle View Camera (not the bell) installed outside, it works 90% of the time, but occasionally it needs a restart, for its price I don't think it's worth it. 1X Netatmo Presence with Siren, used in the alley as a reflector and as a camera <- works incredibly reliably in the Netamo app and saves on the SD card, which works great, they recently added HomeKit secure video to this camera and I find it very flawed. It seems that it always captures images correctly on the SD card, but it misses a lot on HomeKit. Finally, I have a Netamo Doorbell <- I hate this device, I would not recommend it, I have been waiting for many years for a secure HomeKit video, HomeKit itself is ok for this product, but it is so slow to respond that it captures in mostly behind people. I had a battery-powered Ring camera that worked better than this. 9. Miscellaneous - Switchbot + Hub Switchbot button presses, I integrated them into the HomeKit through the homebridge and they work great, use the push of a button to start a projector and the hub also works like an IR Blaster. 10. Sensors - Fibaro leak sensors (HomeKit version) 3X, works well with HomeKit, no problems. Fibaro carbon monoxide sensor (HomeKit version) 1X <- again works well with HomeKit, but the thing eats the batteries like crazy, I would not recommend. Other Smart Home devices that are not in the HomeKit, but work with Siri shortcuts: 10. Roborock S5Max Robot Vacuum 2X, have one upstairs and one downstairs, have worked reliably for over 1.5 years, work great with Siri shortcuts , as you can say "Hey Siri, clean the living room". 11. Smart kettle - works with Siri shortcuts, it can say "Hey Siri, boil the kettle" "Hey Siri boil the kettle at 80 degrees". It's a little tricky, it didn't use much functionality. I wanted to share this with you all, because I know that many people have problems with HomeKit, I currently have a significant number of devices and, in general, everything works fine every day. Since 15.2, HomePods have responded slower, but the devices themselves always respond and never see the dreaded "No Answer". I'm happy to answer any questions and please share your settings.

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