Fingerprint locks and facial recognition of smart home launched in the growing market of consumer biometrics

Cupertino, March 18, 2020

Smartphone biometrics unlocked pocket safety, new BenjiLock fingerprint family and smart home lock in India hit shelves, while Apple may be about to launch facial recognition support in its smart ecosystem .

Mashable has identified a pocket-sized lockable pocket, unlocked by the biometrics of mobile devices introduced by Trova.

Find Go fits in a large pocket or small bag, according to the report and fits with a variety of items simultaneously. The lock box includes an internal strap to hold credit or cash cards securely, a top strap with lid and a magnet to securely hold small jewelry and similar items, and a silicone overlay that hides odors, the company says. .

In addition to ensuring fingerprint unlocking, the associated mobile application ensures tracking in case of device loss.

Find Go is available for a suggested retail price of $ 249.

The company has announced that BenjiLock by Hampton has added a fingerprint cable lock to its TSA travel / luggage line to provide hard-to-lock devices, the company said.

A version with a flexible 1-inch cable hook allows quick locking of bags in uncomfortable shape for security approved by Travel Sentry without keys or combinations. The lock can be opened and secured again by the airport security if they are unexpectedly checked at the gate. The lock measures approximately 1-7 / 8 ”H x 1-3 / 8” W x 3/4 ″ D, comes with a reset combination and does not require an application to use. It features a built-in lithium-ion battery, a coated steel handle and can hold up to five fingerprints.

The new closure was unveiled at the Travel Commodity Show earlier this month and with sales of $ 49.99.

Portronics has brought to the Indian consumer market a new smart biometric padlock that can hold up to 40 fingerprints.

Robust Biolock can be used for doors, safes or bicycles, among other uses, according to the report, and unlocks with permission in less than half a second. The product is IP66 rated, weighs 59 grams, has a mirror-resistant coating and stainless steel resistant to changes and takes 30 minutes to recharge a battery that lasts up to 6 months.

Biolock sells sales for INR 2,999 ($ ​​40).

Apple HomeKit "likely" to add biometric faces

Apple's new iOS 14 HomeKit smart framework is "probably" adding facial biometrics, reports 9to5Mac. The capabilities of the smart camera, including the recognition of objects for people, animals and vehicles, were introduced with HomeKit Secure Video in the previous version.

The function is expected to consist in classifying the face with the identification of family members through smart home cameras.

Other new features include Night Shift, which makes lighting more comfortable and new Apple TV audio output options.

The market for consumer biometrics

The global consumer biometrics market is expected to have a CAGR of 19.6% from 2020 to 2025 by Mordor Intelligence, as the demand for identity authentication for access control increases with increased connectivity and digitization.

The new report "Consumer biometrics market - growth, trends and forecasts (2020-2025)" predicts that further technological advances for biometric sensors will lead to their implementation in more and more laptops and mobile electronic devices and that improved security will lead to growth. significant in mobile payments.

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