Frequently asked questions about the eufy interior room and everything you need to know

Cupertino, April 17, 2020

& # X200B;

Frequently asked questions seemed to help people the next day, so I'm posting this again with updated information. You can check []( or this one [YouTube video]( explaining the features. But for clarity, this information is direct from Eufy PR, not speculation, and was prepared for release today.

One more thing, the expiration of the reduction. eufy was not clear in this regard, but given the high demand, go in now before you stop it! One more thing. I'll probably make a gift of one of these rooms in May. ** So take care of that and I'll announce it [Twitter]( or YouTube channel.


** Eufy Interior Camera 2k Pan and Tilt **

The pan and tilt model offers a horizontal panel with 360 and 100 vertical pan features. It will also have a zoom of 8 along with a 2K resolution camera with night view. The camera will also have motion tracking, which will probably use the Pan and Tilt function to move the camera and track the detected movement.

** Eufy 2k interior camera **

No Pan and Tilt version will offer 2K video capture along with advanced night vision. You will also have activity areas and pet control. It uses pre-registration commands, which will be played back when the camera detects your pet entering the work area.

** Key features for both **

& # X200B;

* Custom activity areas

* Motion detection

* Audio detection

* Two way audio

* Detecting people and pets

* WiFi connectivity

* MicroSD storage space up to 128 GB

* RTSP and NAS support - Maybe it's limited to the Pan and Tilt model

* No HomeBase is required for any model.

** Mounting options **

Both rooms can be mounted on a wall or ceiling


* Eufy Indoor Camera 2k Pan and Tilt - $ 49.99 - Discount for now

* Eufy Indoor Camera 2k - $ 39.99 - Discount for now


The pre-order will be today on the companies website. Shipping May. Once shipping begins, then Amazon will store these cameras.

** Available countries **

It's a US launch to get you started. EU, UK and the rest of the world later in 2020.

** HomeKit **

* Yes, accept HomeKit and it will expose the motion sensor to HomeKit. I saw it working.

* HomeKit Secure Video is being tested and certified. While Eufy is trying to get this done ASAP, he probably won't prepare it for the release date, so it will come with a firmware update.

* eufy confirms pan and tilt function ** will not be in the home application for control **

* When HSV arrives, from what I was told that the eufy application will continue to work with the flow to that application.

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