From the Editor's Desk: Cupertino or bust!

Cupertino, September 8, 2019

This Tuesday, September 10, Apple will hold its annual event on iPhone. Although Apple organizes three or four events each year (sometimes more), it's their grandfather. "You" iPhone event. Although Apple manufactures hardware for many years, the iPhone event is the most important. It's the one we're talking about all year (or longer ... we're already talking about the iPhone 2020). The iPhone is the biggest seller of Apple per unit and the event is still very lively, even when the big details have already been leaked on the internet.

This year, we are sure to see the next iPhone (would not it be wild if Apple comes do not have announce a new iPhone?), but we are also very likely to see a new version of the Apple Watch, although the hardware does not seem to change so much. There is also news of a device tracker that we have dubbed Apple Tags, which we expect to see. We do not expect new ads for iPad or Mac devices at this event (although Apple will probably host another event in October where we will see new models for iPad Pro, MacBook Pro and maybe even the official launch of Mac Pro).

In addition to the hardware, we hope to officially know the prices and launch date of Apple Arcade and TV +. Apple Arcade should be launched alongside the release of iOS 13 for $ 4.99, but we still do not know anything about TV + details.

Rein and I will be at Steve Jobs Theater Tuesday morning, clear and early. We will be tweeting all the news as we go (let's be honest, René will do the basics of live TV because I'm terrible in lack of time). We will then head to the demonstration room where we will have a first glimpse of the new booty announced. We will have lots of pictures and videos at first sight as soon as possible. Make sure you subscribe to Rene's Vector channel on YouTube because it will have a thorough analysis and lots of video footage.

This is the first time I participate in an Apple event. I am very excited and, to be honest, a little scared. I'm sure it will be a blazing adventure that will end before I even understand that I'm really here. In the most recent episode of the iMore Show, Rene and special guest Jim Dalrymple gave me great advice on how not to look like a noob. Thanks guys. I'm definitely with you on Tuesday.

After the event, iMore's dedicated writers team will provide us with more detailed information about the features of the new iPhone (and all that is announced), so bookmark our live events page to see what's happening. news and expectations for this event. the following days.

At the moment, I have packed my bags and am ready for the biggest day of the year. It's like Christmas for Apple fans!

See you soon in Cupertino!

Lory Gil

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