From the latest WhatsApp feature to the new PUBG status feature, check out the top 6 technical news updates

Cupertino, November 21, 2021

In recent months, some of the applications have made some changes to their application. These apps have updated their app to the latest version to provide the best experience for their users. These high-tech features are totally amazing, which you will love too. Check them out.

Here are the six latest technical updates you need to know about technology, see:

  1. To use WhatsApp Web, the user's devices do not need to be connected to the Internet:

The ability to connect devices without the smartphone being online is the latest feature that WhatsApp users will soon receive. The function for connecting devices other than the main smartphone is currently in beta testing. WhatsApp users will soon be able to interconnect devices without the need for their smartphone to be connected to the internet.

  1. PUBG New State players can rob and store weapons in the trunk of vehicles:

PUBG has also been updated in its application in a new PUBG New State. This new feature called PUBG New State allows PUBG players to store their weapons and keep their weapons. Not only can they store weapons, but they can also rob their opponent's objects. Players who hunt for prey can find this feature beneficial. Basically, this feature is updated for players who play with their teammates for their ease and convenience.

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  1. Facebook has been sued by the Phhhoto app for stealing its Instagram features:

Phhhoto filed an antitrust lawsuit against Meta, which was known as Facebook, for duplicating its functions and therefore beating the competition. This is not Facebook's first antitrust lawsuit. Many times in the past, the social media company has been accused of limiting competition. Phhhoto is now suing Meta for monetary damages.

  1. Honeywell Home's T9 smart thermostat now supports HomeKit:

This thermostat is suddenly a little smarter after the upgrade, two years after it was promised. The first consumer Resideo thermostat that allows remote temperature sensors, the Honeywell Home T9, has finally delivered a long-promised feature called the HomeKit. This amazing techno update is enjoyed by many people.

  1. Microsoft fixed an issue with Windows 11 features that failed due to an expired certificate:

Microsoft has fixed a number of Windows 11 features that did not load after an expired certificate was found earlier this week. According to The Verge, some Windows 11 users have failed to launch applications such as the Snipping Tool, the touch keyboard or the emoji panel because an October 31 certificate has expired. Your bug has now been fixed by your tech giant Microsoft.

  1. Apple fixed an error that caused some Macs to crash after upgrading to macOS Monterey:

Apple has fixed an issue that could block some Intel-based Mac machines equipped with T2 processors after installing macere Monterey. Apple has announced that the revised firmware is now included in existing versions of macOS.

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