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Good night problem

Good night problem

Hello everyone, I have a problem with my HomeKit scene and I hope maybe one of you could have the solution. I searched the web for answers, but I can find a Reddit post with a similar issue from January, with no fix.

Every time I say “Good night” to HomePod, the scene works as expected, but Siri responds; “I’m tired, but the media in your Good Night scene isn’t available.”

The problem is that my HomePod is set to mute the sound in that scene. I tried to remove the full HomePod from the stage, but the problem persists. I also deleted the scene and created a new one, I tried audio playback and strangely the music starts, but Siri still says the same thing. All my devices are updated to 14.2 and I haven’t had this issue with any other scenes.

If anyone has an idea of ​​what might happen, please let me know, because I’m all about deleting and resetting it at home, but I’m afraid the problem will start again after. Thank you!