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HAA ravencore HomeKit for ESP devices: unfortunately no support

Just to share an experience before someone looks at it too much.

Code broken, the OTA update was interrupted some time ago, forcing it to flash again for the update. Do you have a problem? Dev tells you to update. Can not? Flash and delete the problem instead of fixing it. Asking for help? No answer on the issues posted weeks until it becomes and says there is no problem and close it. Just like the emergency mode, you know the mode you need when there is an emergency. Pretending to work doesn’t make it work.
You can’t even reopen your problem, he blocks it. I’m not sure why he has problems activated right down his throat.

Do you ask for help because, as a dev (myself), you think it’s your job to help fix your code? No, hide behind a disclaimer.

If you are wondering where to start DYI with HomeKit. check out other online projects with great communities that support it.

For those who want to check out, feel free to check out the Git issues section. Even if you don’t, check it out to know what to expect.