Hands-on: Luxaflex Pirouette Shades w/ HomeKit

Cupertino, October 15, 2019

Do you want to bring smart, highly functional smart blinds with HomeKit and Siri support to your windows? Below, we will familiarize ourselves with the Luxaflex Pirouette blinds controlled by the PowerView engine. Then follow the installation, configuration and control of Pirouette blinds controlled by PowerView with iOS, Siri and HomeKit.

Luxaflex, the British division of Hunter Douglas, offers a variety of blinds and blinds that work with its PowerView smart engine, which supports HomeKit and Siri. We have tested the Pirouette blinds that offer the possibility of giving total privacy to the window as well as tilting vanes - with a smooth mechanism - to let in exactly the amount of light you are looking for. The design offers the benefits of blinds and blinds with an elegant aesthetic.

As you can see in the video above, the installation is simple: three brackets are used for each one of them, the blinds getting set up. The PowerView application greatly simplifies the initial setup process to use the iOS, Siri and HomeKit controls.

Unlike many smart home products, the award-winning PowerView hub can be connected to your wired or wireless network, offering great flexibility for placement and optimal signal range. There is an optional repeater to extend the operating range of larger homes.

A unique, ergonomic, roller-shaped programmable remote control is available for Pirouette blinds and can be convenient when you want to make adjustments with a physical button or Siri is not available.

iOS, HomeKit, Siri control, etc.

In terms of iOS control, users can schedule scenes and automation with PowerView or Home applications since the Pirouette Shades and PowerView engines offer HomeKit support (as well as Alexa and Google Assistant). This means that users can easily lift, lower, and tilt individual or multiple shades by dragging a finger, Siri voice command, or automated scenes for sunset / sunrise and custom programs.

With or without the blind configuration with HomeKit, you'll get remote control, whether you're at work or traveling abroad.

Luxaflex Pirouette Shades HomeKit Home app

Another advantage of Pirouette blinds is that they are powered as standard by AA batteries. This means that there is no power cord to hide or installation problems to try to reach a plug. However, rechargeable batteries or a (wired) power outlet are also available.

Get the Pirouette blinds controlled by Luxaflex PowerView

To learn more about the purchase of the Pirouette blinds controlled by the HomeKit-powered PowerView engine, visit the official Luxaflex website or the Hunter Douglas website for US customers.

The Luxaflex PowerView engine is also compatible with Duette blinds, roller blinds and much more from the company if you appreciate HomeKit integration and other features while looking for a different type of window covering.

You can order the Pirouette blinds with PowerView and other compatible Luxaflex blinds from your Luxaflex dealer. US customers can find a local authorized retailer on the Hunter Douglas website.

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