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Has Siri changed in the last two weeks?

Has Siri changed in the last two weeks?

QuestionSiri question for a very recent issue🚧

Greetings to the most intelligent people in HK

I’m not a smart HK person, but I still use HK.

I need your help once again. I live in a rural area with spotty DSL internet and cellular connectivity.

I absolutely love music, so I have 6 Airport Extream (for air 2) and I have 1 HomePod.

I noticed that as far as Siri goes, there are two AI. An AI for iPhone (attracts information saved on the phone and the internet)  and another AI for HomePod (attracts information from the Internet) .

My problem is that I’m starting to use automation and automations seem to use II-Internet based on Siri / AI. Since I have horrible connectivity to the Internet and my mobile phone, this scenario is quite aggravating for a music lover = Music playback shrinks and goes out. 

Another problem is when I say “Hey Siri Play my playlist every day Chill”, then I say that “hey Siri connect anywhere” music playback is default to Internet-based HomePod. Until recently, I would say He “Hey Siri connect everywhere” and the music would be extracted from my iPhone. Now, Siri answers “what playlist would you like to hear” and HomePod-based Siri on the Internet begins to take over. 

Download Apple Music on my phone =  / Apple Music streaming from the Internet = 😡

Maybe there’s a new phrase that could play music in my library and “Connect Everywhere.” Or maybe my HomePod is broken or my HomePod isn’t set up properly because it’s an upgrade. All I know is that my setting worked the way I want it to, but not now.