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HELP: Change WiFi with HomeKit

HELP: Change WiFi with HomeKit

Looks like my Google Homs trusted system with a partial network melted down * tonight and I will successfully reset it from the factory, or replace it with a WiFi or Eero Nest (?) From Costco tomorrow.

In any case, I will have to transfer all my HomeKit equipment to a newly created WiFi network.

Because the first time the home install is so perfect, I didn't really see any way to manually connect to most devices and set up an SSID and password. I am curious about what the process of changing your network is after all the home equipment is configured.

I don't want to set things from scratch as new devices because they would delete all the scenes and the automation we did.

Here's a list of the HomeKit-based WiFi devices I have:

– 2 HomePods
– VOCOlinc LS2
– Ecobee 4
– TV Vizio P75
– 6 First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound AirPlay 2 smart speakers / smoke detectors / co2

I also have a Lutron Bridge and 2 ATV4 / 4K bridges, but also a pair of Schlage Sense Bluetooth locks. I expect them to "work".

Any advice?

* partial bypass – a few hours ago, while streaming from one HomePod to the other and to all Onelink devices, both my wife and I lost WiFi on the main SSID. The airplay continued to be broadcast happily. Switching to the guest network seemed to work well. For some reason, both the Ethernet output of the google WiFi main node and the 8-port switch in the same cable locker also failed, apparently simultaneously, which is super weird, unless there was an overvoltage (but the Comcast router from the same outlet still works). Since then and through many reboots, the network has been missing. Mesh reports either weak, strong, or missing device on multiple back-to-back tests with the Google Home app. Now I have the Ethernet port for the master bedroom directly connected to the comcast router and the rest of the house's Ethernet ports are dead.