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HELP! High band ring on VOCOlinc LS2 lightweight band

HELP! High band ring on VOCOlinc LS2 lightweight band

TL; DR: If anyone has a light band, especially a VOCOlinc LS2, please raise your ear when lit and tell me if you hear a ring with a high pitch. If you have another HomeKit compatible light tape brand, check also. Looking for a lightweight band that will not create a high boredom when lit.


Ugh! I just installed a VOCOlinc LS2 light strip behind the headboard of my master bedroom. It looks amazing and works perfectly with HomeKit. You had to cut a few inches from the last cutting line, because it was exactly as big as the end and I didn't want the end sheet to stay out.

Then my wife came home and said, "It looks great, but I can't even sit and relax because of that dark sound!" Obviously, she heard better than me.

So I put my ear close to the headboard and, of course, when it's on, make an inclined ring just like you. It seems more boring in one degree or another, but it's worse when it's brighter.

I had a VOCOlinc LS2 in a slightly different configuration on the back of the headboard – it broke loose and failed when it hit the floor behind the bed. I didn't cut any of that tape, because the way I oriented it didn't ask for me. My wife didn't complain at all with a loud sound, but the lighting didn't look right at all in that configuration (too weak and the headboard corners weren't lit), so when the replacement came, I installed it in a better location for how fast the light was, but that could have made the sound more obvious to her. Or maybe the cutting of the last few inches made him blink.

In any case, I am now looking for a 2 meter WiFi tape that is compatible with HomeKit and does not have a full height. Any advice?