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Help set up the extended network

This is my configuration in an open attic of 800 square meters.

** Network source: ** Xfinity Gateway XB3


**Dining room**

* FireStick
* Amazon Echo second generation


* Echo Show 5
* Ipad mounted running Apple Home application


* Echo Dot


** Bedroom area **

* FireStick
* Echo Dot
* Dot connected to A / V receiver # 1 for:
* Streaming Spotify
* TV sound above the bed (speaker mounted in open beams

** Office area **

* Echo Dot
* Dot connected to the A / V receiver no. 2 for sound at the floor hole
* MacBook Air

& # x200B;

I just started adding HomeKit (VocoLinc Smart Bars) compatible plugs and everything works great, except that I want to remove the Echos and stream Spotify from the Home app instead. I also used the Echo with pipes above the bed as an alarm clock

I’m going to keep an Echo for the ground floor for occasional use.

So my only hub is the iPad mounted on the kitchen wall. (We also have Apple iPhones and watches for connectivity)

I still have some Apple hardware I hope I can use.

AppleTV (third generation) A1427 running 7.6.1

Apple Airport Extreme A1143 (second generation)

(2) Apple Airport Express A1264 802.11a / b / g / Draft N

My hope is that I can still use the Express units connected to the A / V receivers to transmit audio

Is this possible with these units?

Do I need to connect Airport Extreme to my Xfinity gateway?

I initially used it connected to the gateway and ran a network called separately for guests. If I connect it to the gateway with an Ethernet cable and set it as a network extension, using the same name as PW, it connects, but then my gateway turns off until I disconnect it.

It must be connected with cat5 cable to do this or wireless and cordless.