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Help with HKSV, please! Strange behavior

Help with HKSV, please! Strange behavior

Help with HKSV, please! Strange behavior


I have a strange behavior on the phone. I even switched to a new phone (from xs max to iphone 12 max) and yet the same problem, I thought it would solve the problem.

The problem is that I have a home setup (I set it up and invited it) with my girlfriend. Setup is simple, Apple TV 4k connected to my netgear blind satellite, the connection speed test shows 450mb / s on Apple TV. I have 2 freshly bought 2k eufy pans and tilt with the homekit sticker below. One upstairs and one downstairs. Both work perfectly well all the time in the Eufy app for me.

These are set to Off when someone is home and transmits and records when we are AMBI away.

Every morning when we go to work, my girlfriend gets notifications saying we’ve all left home, and the cameras are now streaming and recording and not receiving any notifications, and the cameras still appear as Off in my homekit app. She can watch the cameras very well all day and receive motion detection warnings and receive nothing.

How is it possible even in the Homekit application to receive “Camera does not respond” and no notifications while it (which I invited to HomeKit) receives notifications and can see the cameras at the same time we are away from home ?

I tried everything, but I thought that this didn’t make sense at all, because it detects for her that I’m at home and the camera can’t answer as it is for her.

Anyone who could help here, please? A little desperate

Update1: this could be related to the issue, when I open homekit and click on my face in the home settings, now I see the following warning at the top (, but when I do click on Use the xxx email address below close the window but when I come back it appears again every time .. any idea?