Here we go again. Unable to configure HomePod mini.

Cupertino, October 6, 2021

[POTENTIALLY] SOLVED: I thought I'd report if this helps others. I finally managed to set up my HomePod. I tried a lot of things so hard to say who did it. I restarted my network, disconnected all the homepods and waited a few hours before reconnecting them, etc. In the end, I think the solution was to disconnect and return to iCloud. Now, in the past, when I disconnected from iCloud, it messed up all my automation. But that was before I nuked HomeKit with resetting the HomeKit file. And this time I followed the instructions in Step 3 here:

[iMore]( I logged out again in iCloud on my iPhone using the instructions above. On my iPad, I stayed disconnected until the mini HomePod setup was complete. Once connected again, I opened the home application, my house appeared. For some reason, the HomePod setup was still there, although I deleted it before you disconnected / connected to exercise. I deleted it and started adding the HomePod again. AND HE DID IT AGAIN. So I gave up. But a strange thing happened. The My Home app suddenly turned black and said "Adding props and scenes" or something. Then my house came up again and this tile without the HomePod setup. I was then able to quickly add and configure HomePod. So it seems that the first version of my house that the Home app launched was not the latest version (it still had the HomePod configuration). I still don't know if this was the solution intact, but it seems to be a problem and it seems to be the outdated version of the house that the Home app picks up immediately after reconnecting to the Home app. I hope this is helpful. ORIGINAL POST: Setup: I have about 8 HomePod mini and 3 Apple TV. The network is Unifi with 4 access points. All Unifi settings are configured correctly. Problem: I can't set up a new HomePod on my system. Follow the steps and it crashes during setup. The story behind it: About 2 months ago, in addition to HomePod setup issues, I couldn't even add a Logitech sound to the HomeKit. I spent hours with Apple support and offered several rounds of journals. They could not solve the problem. So I took a drastic step and found the HomeKit reset file online and completely destroyed my setting. Here, the doorbell can be easily set up, with all HomePods set up in minutes. I've had this pretty stable setup for 2 months. Today: Now, one of my HomePods has started acting funny. Every time I make a request at home, such as "turn off the office lights", it says "I'm sorry, I can't complete that request right now, please try again later" or something like that. this. So I reset the HomePod and tried to add it back. And here we are again. FIGHT THE CONFIGURATION. How I feel: WTF! Why does it have to be so difficult ??! My wife is tired and tired of all the problems. I think I have a kind of sick pleasure, always trying to solve HomeKit / HomePod problems. It's my version of receiving a "like" notification on Facebook. Every time I open the application at home and I don't have "No Answer", I feel validated and receive a shot of dopamine. I know I'm not alone. But now he's getting stupid. I take the first step and admit my illness. But I want to improve. I want HomeKit to improve as well. So that she is no longer a "magic" friend circulating with dopamine. I'm sorry for your patience. But if anyone has any thoughts, please share. If not, thank you for reading my debate. I should give up and go to bed.

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