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High quality Zorachka Homam camera enhances HomeKit video quality

High quality Zorachka Homam camera enhances HomeKit video quality

High quality Zorachka Homam camera enhances HomeKit video quality

Not long ago you didn’t have a lot of choices for high-quality cameras to run on Apple’s HomeKit system, but that changes all the time. For example, Zorachka has launched its new 64 GB Homam camera. It joins recent offers from Aquara, Eufy, Eve and others.

Zorachka Homam 64 GB camera

The Zorachka Homam 64 GB camera, which looks intriguingly like a space headset, is exclusively HomeKit compatible. Designed for indoor use, it offers a set of features similar to other beautiful but relatively affordable rooms on the market. For example, Homan supports HomeKit Secure Video.

However, not all HomeKit compatible cameras offer on-board storage. Homam does. And it’s built into the device, rather than using an SD card. This helps the device in its ability to record through a dedicated chip whether the camera is connected to the internet or not. The chip can store up to 64 GB of encrypted video.

Proprietary technology

The chip uses technology from Zorachka’s Verona Index Storage (VIS) property.

The company said that VIS “dramatically reduces the required network bandwidth without loss of quality.” The efficient connection of the camera to the local network offers a “faster response, very few buffers and a long storage time achieved by its own video file system”.

Solid specifications

The camera has solid specifications. These include a backlit color CMOS sensor from Sony STARVIS, 7 bottles, a low-distortion fisheye lens, a wide field of view, 5MP resolution and a focal length of 2.39 mm.

The camera also has HDR image quality for both high-light and low-light scenarios at 30 fps. Provides a laundry list with image correction enhancements and optimizations, plus night vision.

The 75 mm camera comes with a separate magnetic support for flat surfaces or for wall or ceiling mounting. The camera uses a USB-C cable and a USB brick (5V, 1.5A).

Price: $ 399

Where to buy: Zorachka