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HKSV Parked car problem

HKSV Parked car problem

I have a room in my driveway.

There are not a lot of actions in which we live, it is a sack ass with very little movement.

However, when no movement is detected at all, a flying bug, a distant neighbor taking out the trash, kicks the car icon on the clip. I get dozens of recorded clips an hour indicating a car, although most of the time it’s nothing.

The HKSV logic seems to be:
Is movement detected?

Is there a person, an animal or a car in the video?

Keep the video.

in practice we really care about moving cars, not parked ones. If you think about it, we only care about the movement of people and the movement of animals.

What if there was a painting of a person holding a cat in the frame? I would assume that HKSV would keep every clip with every movement and say that there is a person and an animal.

My goal is to find recorded clips that contain people, but there’s no way to filter clips based on the detected object tag, so with all these clips filling my history, it becomes an impossible task. Is there a better way to download these videos, maybe a third party application?