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HKSV: “This room is not responsible”

HKSV: “This room is not responsible”

I have several HKSV cameras that normally go into a state where live streaming no longer works. The error message in the Home application is always “Unanswered. This room is not responding. ” Sometimes it heals on its own after a few hours. Sometimes the days go by and I have to go to “home” (a private office that I rent) and power Apple TV and / or HomePod. That makes things work again for a day or so.

I started with a pair of EufyCam 2c that got into this state on a regular basis. Thinking it might have been Eufy’s HKSV implementation, I added an Eve Cam to the mix as an experiment. Eve’s room worked well for about a day and a half, and now all three rooms are in the “unresponsive” state. It seems that Eufy is not specific and the problem is related to HKSV.

An additional point of data: sometimes it takes a few seconds to try to start the flow before a camera is reported not responding. At other times, it is reported that not all rooms respond at once, without delay.

Has anyone experienced this problem? Do you have suggestions for solutions or remedies? Is there a diagnostic capability to help troubleshoot the problem?