HOBS 4 increases Homebridge with new features

Cupertino, October 25, 2021

About a year ago, I did a review of HOOBS, which is an obsolete solution for running a Homebridge environment. Homebridge has become the centralized platform for connecting devices that do not natively support HomeKit to the Apple platform. There are countless other projects that will make all of your smart HomeKit products compatible. HOOBS 4 is a recently released software update that makes it an even better place to run Homebridge

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Performance and UI upgrades

Version 4 of the HOOBS software brings improvements to the user interface speed and accessory control. The HOOBs dashboard is instantly updated to show the current status of the devices. Memory usage has also been reduced, so HOOBs are more stable. There is also a new dark mode included in the user interface. HOOBS 4 also includes dashboard widgets, custom icons, and custom theme creation.

A plugin on the bridge in HOOBS 4

When you install a new plugin in HOOBS 4, you have the option to create a new bridge or add it to an existing bridge. Running a single plugin on the bridge ensures stability for all other accessories in case a device plugin starts to malfunction.

Encrypted backups

With all the time spent setting up HOOBS, having a good backup is essential if you need to restore. HOOBS 4 backup files are fast, encrypted and a small part of their size.

New recovery terminal

HOOBS has now included a recovery terminal at hoobs.local: 9090 (on the local network), so you can reset it without having to enter SSH into your device.

Node update

Version 4.0 allows each HOOBS component to run independently of each other for easier upgrades. You can now update the server, interface, and system directly from the user interface.

New plugin library

screenshot 2021 03 17 at 20 40 25

Version 4.0 of HOOBS included a redesigned plugin page with easy navigation, access to reviews, and changing versions. Many plugins are now certificate to work with HOOBs as well. These plugins have been extensively tested for compatibility.

Bridges that can be shared

HOOBS now allows you to export each bridge individually, with all its plugins and configurations included. This feature can be used to move your bridges to another HOOBS device or to share certain settings and configurations with other HOOBS users.

Connect the Nest and Ring cameras to the HomeKit

hoobs cams

Now you can see all the cameras you've added to HOOBS / Homebridge in the user interface. Works great with Ring and Nest rooms. Includes snapshots and streaming snapshots for all cameras. Accepted rooms can broadcast live.

HOBS 4 macOS desktop application

Running HOOBS on the web works well, but native applications are always preferable. HOOBS now has a macOS app, so you can easily access your local environment with automatic device discovery. If you have a Windows environment at home, there is also a Windows HOOBS application.

Closing on HOOBS 4

HOOBS 4 is a free upgrade for existing customers. If you haven't started using Homebridge, HOOBS is the easiest way to get started. Before commenting that Homebridge can be installed for free on any computer, I realize that HOOBS is for people who want to enjoy Homebridge without any problems. If you want to start with a turnkey Homebridge experience, you can buy it with a free subscription from Amazon or directly from HOOBS.

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