Holiday Giveaway for Homekit 100k Members!

Cupertino, December 4, 2021

Hello r / HomeKit! You may or may not have noticed, but we * recently * exceeded ** 100,000 members **! We wanted to celebrate this milestone with a huge gift! We have sent our newest moderator, u / iRayanKhan, in an attempt to get in touch with the producers who are eager to contribute to the cause and he is fully satisfied! Thanks to super generous HomeKit application makers and developers, we have over 60 winners to choose from! These odds are currently 1: 1757 ... but we suspect and hope that this giveaway will catch the eye of those on r / Apple who have not yet joined us to board! ** How do I log in? ** 1. Sign up for r / HomeKit if you haven't already. 2. Leave a comment 3. In a single comment, include: * What are your three favorite prizes. * What region are you in (not your IP). * Which home automation system you are currently using is your favorite. The gift will end 1 week after this post on December 11th at 12:00 PST. u / TheSurfShack * & * u / iRayanKhan * will contact the winners via messages. * The following prizes are up for grabs: ** Hardware: ** * [OmniaBlinds]( 3 winners with a prize pool of * 3 shades * 2 shades * 1 shade * [Onvis]( 2 winners with a prize pool of (both winners receive): * 1x K1-2AS light strip (6.6 ft) * K1-5AS light strip (16.4 ft) * [Eve]( 8 winners with a prize pool of (with 1 item per winner) * 3x Door and Window Sensor * 3x Eve Energy * 2x Eve Aqua * [StarlingHome]( * 1x Starling Home Hub ** Software / Applications ** * [@aaron_pearce]( was generous to grant: * 5x HomeCam * 5x HomePass * 5x HomeScan * 5x HomeLog * 5x HomePaper (in-app purchases) * 5x 1 year subscription to HomeRun * [@sceneflow]( * 10x 1 year pass * [@ctrl4homekit]( (HomeKit Controller): * 3x Lifetime Pro subscriptions * [@HomemanagerA]( (HomeManager): * 3x Basic * 2x Pro ... if this list grows, we'll be sure to update it!

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