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Home + App – What does it bring to HomeKit and why should I use it?

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about the benefits of the Home + app. It is 14.99 so more of an “investment” (instead of free).

I recently downloaded it and was looking through it and wondering what are the advantages of using the Home + application. I have a lot of automation that works alongside Homebridge (especially mannequin switches) as shortcuts in HomeKit. When I touch Home + automations (which I created as shortcuts in HomeKit), I don’t see all the actions I originally created. I’m not talking about the Siri Shortcuts app, I’m talking about the shortcuts in HomeKit automation.

Another question I have is: If I edit or work with Home + automation, does that go beyond HomeKit or is it the other way around? It seems that a lot of people use various applications to perform various functions that HomeKit is not able to perform, but it certainly becomes confusing to realize which application is superior to automation.

I like that you can add (and / or) condition statements – something that the Shortcuts app and the HomeKit shortcuts app are missing.

In any case, any thoughts or help are appreciated.