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Home or ring with HOOBS?

Home or ring with HOOBS?

Hello guys!

I get my first home with my wife and do a lot of research on things I feel we might need to revolve around HomeKit.

I wish there was a safe system, but I feel that my choices have landed on Housing or the Ring. I plan to have a bell and a Yale lock (it doesn’t ring, but with HomeKit). Also smart lights in certain places of the house.

I have many Apple devices, including the HomePod.

Ideally I would like a system that lasts a long time and does its job, I feel that Ring is a better company for that. Hopefully they will have their own HomeKit integration.

I want to be able to say things like “Hey Siri, good night” and check my doors, set the alarm and “lock” the house.

Any suggestion would help a lot!