Home review. Please read if you work for Abode or intend to buy

Cupertino, October 6, 2021

My experience with the Iota device itself has been positive, but the home has some key issues that I need to resolve before I can recommend this product ** What I like. ** 1. Easy installation 2. HomeKit 3. The application is very responsive. Displays quickly when a door or window is open. HomeKit quickly updates and displays these changes. 4. The alarm works well. I tested each sensor and they all triggered the alarm in Away 5 mode. While in cellular mode you still have access to anything except the camcorder. I managed to install the system in the house I move to before my ISP set up my internet connection. 6. The price, the house had an excellent sale at that time. I managed to accumulate a 15% discount on their summer sale prices. ** What I don't like ** 1. The two-sided Velcro adhesive used on the door and window sensor is of poor quality. Many of my sensors come off. These are placed inside the AC. I tried to remove a Velcro sensor to reposition it and stripped both sides of the Velcro from the window frame. I replaced Velcro with a 1 "x 60" Gorilla Clear mounting strap. This adheres much better. 2. Adding other users to the application is not easy, creating even more confusion. In the system tray you are presented with an option that says "Accounts". I clicked on it, saw "add account" and selected it to create another account for my mother. Wrong. This is for creating a new account and registering it on another Iota. The correct way to add an account is to access the system tray and click the gray oval that shows how many users are in your system. It's below your email address at the top of the system tray. When you click on it, you will see user management. You can then grant access to other members of your household by sending an email invitation. This is the only way to enroll members of your household in the iOS app. I couldn't send an email invitation to my mother because I incorrectly set up a user account for my mother. The application will display an alert displaying "Email ID already registered". Okay, no big deal, I'll log in to the first account, delete it, then resend the invitation and recreate his Gmail account. This is impossible within the iOS app and website. You cannot access your account settings to delete it until you register your account with a base station or an accommodation room. I tried to use the product key of my home to get around this. No luck. This begs the question: how do you grant access to your home to someone with an existing home account? As far as I know, there is no obvious way to grant access to your home to someone who also owns a home. If I have a home and my mother has a home, each of us should have a second email address to create another home account so that we can access each home. What if my brother also has a home? Would we each need three accounts? I hope that's not the case. Please have someone correct me if I'm wrong. 3. Setting up professional monitoring was another source of friction. There are two ways to enable professional monitoring. Either you receive an email with the product key, go to the website and enter that product key, or you can enter the email address and order number in the iOS app. Since I didn't receive an email with the product key, I thought I'd use the iOS app to activate my professional monitoring plan. I do this and nothing happens. The iOS app stays on that screen indefinitely. Contact customer service. After I was sent to three different agents, I was advised to buy the professional monitoring plan again, but through the app. I was reassured that I would not be charged $ 100. Their system loaded me again. I am currently waiting for a refund. This should not be a job with three agents. I did a similar job for the charter spectrum. If someone had problems with HBO or Showtime product keys, I would cancel the original order to generate a new customer code. This was very simple for us. Why did it take three agents to tell me I was buying it again? 4. In the same note, ordering products directly from the housing website was a problem. Their site does not allow you to cancel orders before they are processed. This means that you cannot adjust the controls. Let's say you need to add a few more elements. Bad luck. You will pay for shipping again. Basically, Abode makes it hard for me to spend even more money on their site. I will say that the home was able to accept my request from the support office to settle my order and make sure that the sales codes were applied. 5. There are spelling and grammar errors in the application and in the documentation [https://www.homekit.blog.com/r/Abode/comments/q16z9q/motion_active_during_entry_delay_wut/](https://www.homekit.blog.com/r/Abode/comments/q16z9q/motion_active_during_entry_delay_wut/) [https://help.goabode.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000570151-abode-Alarm-Modes](https://help.goabode.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000570151-abode-Alarm-Modes) The hosting team really needs to fix all of the above issues before Matter-compatible smart alarms start to enter the market. Being the only HomeKit compatible smart alarm is currently your major competitive advantage and why I chose to live instead of SimpliSafe or Ring. Despite everything, I like the product. It works and I immediately needed an intelligent security system. Home is for people who really want to integrate HomeKit, but can't wait another year or so for Matter-compatible smart security systems to enter the market. If you are one of these people, follow these instructions to avoid the same mistakes I made. 2. Follow these instructions to add users to your account. [https://help.goabode.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022225772-Adding-Users-to-an-existing-abode-account](https://help.goabode.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022225772-Adding-Users-to-an-existing-abode-account) 3. Order the professional monitoring plan after setting up your home 4. Make sure you noticed that you corrected the order the first time

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