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Home sync issue after restore

Home sync issue after restore

Hi all. Yesterday I tried to restore an old type 4. iPad and when I connected to the home application. on it, it would not synchronize with my current “build” house. I realized it was because of the age of the iPad and the iOS version to which it was restricted.

The real problem came because it completely messed up the homekit version on the iPhone. So much so, I restored my phone from a very recent backup, let it sync overnight, but it’s still confusing. For example, some of the wallpapers are intact, but many of the cameras and accessories are missing and most of the available accessories are in the dreaded “default camera”. The scenes have disappeared just like the automations, but the strange thing is my wife’s phone, whom I invited home, it’s completely fine; smoothly. I feel that there must be a current construction before the disaster. TO ONE, RIGHT? As I said there is a reserve and it was from a few days ago and includes all automation, scenes, accessories, areas, etc.

I logged out of iCloud and logged back in, but nothing there. I logged in and out of the keychain, hard resets on my devices … iPad 4 genre was torn to pieces (lol) .. I lost. I searched for inter-site solutions / this sub for a solution, but I couldn’t find anything like what I’m going through.

91 accessories just a few scenes and maybe 30 automations …

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for listening and comments.