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HomeKit and AirPlay 2 arrive on Amazon TVs

HomeKit and AirPlay 2 arrive on Amazon TVs

Amazon has announced that Fire and Omni 4 series TVs will have HomeKit and AirPlay 2 support in the near future.

The company recently launched its new generation of TVs, with 4 series and Omni with Alexa voice commands, Fire TV integration and 4K HDR. Along the way, Amazon has promised support to third parties, including Apple’s smart home and wireless casting technology.

HomeKit integration means that Siri and some functions in the Home application can be controlled by remote control, while AirPlay 2 allows Mac, iPad and iPhone users to play content wirelessly on the TV.

Amazon first showed interest in HomeKit and AirPlay when it added the two to their Fire TV edition, which was made by Insignia and Toshiba. However, he did not put the option on his Fire TV streaming sticks. Lately, several brands are integrating Apple’s HomeKit and AirPlay 2 on their TVs and smart products, but the general adoption has not yet been made.