Homekit and Linksys Velop just don't work

Cupertino, December 30, 2021

Hi, this is an interesting one and it drives me crazy. I have a mix of Philips Hue and Lightwave smart home devices in the Apple Homekit setup. I've had Apple Airport Wireless for a while. Unfortunately, Apple does not do it anymore and due to the fact that it has more and more devices, Airports could not cope. I expanded and upgraded to two Linksys Velop MX4200 APs - they weren't cheap, but they offered a home network setup. They work like a dream and use an Ethernet backhaul to talk to each other - one upstairs and one downstairs. However, since we switched to these, Homekit has immediately stopped working. After spending some time diagnosing, it's very obvious to me that the problem is that Homekit just won't work with these Velop APs. Linksys doesn't seem to know why, but here's how I came to this conclusion: 1. Factory reset of the Linksys system - no change. 2. I tried another wireless SSID - no change. 3. We've identified that this issue occurs on any Apple device with Homekit. I tested with several iPhones, iPads, two Macbook Pros and one MacMini. All devices were completely updated with the respective iOS or MacOS software versions. 4. Make sure all local firewalls are turned off. 5. Ensure that the Linksys access points are fully updated with the firmware. 6. Open the Linksys iOS app and activate "Apple Home Integration" - no difference. 7. I identified that I have three "Homekit Hubs"; an iPad and two Apple TVs in different rooms. 8. I networked one of the old Apple airports with another wireless SSID. If I connect my Homekit Hub iPad to this SSID and not to the Linksys SSID, Homekit works flawlessly, however, occasionally the status of Homekit Hub moves from iPad to one of Apple TVs. Because they are on Linksys Wireless, the Homekit does not work again. The bottom line is that as long as your Homekit Hub is NOT connected to the new Linksys WiFi, Homekit will work, even if the iOS or MacOS devices you use to control Homekit are on Linksys WiFi, but Homekit Hub will not work. with Linksys. It's not practical for me to add all three possible Homekit devices to the Apple Airport AP, because the purpose of replacing airports was to have an improved wireless signal, but it seems like the price of being able to use Apple Homekit. I have a large number of devices and I need this to work. Please see pictures of the exact issue below: When I open the HomeKit application, this is the view I get if HomeHub is running on the new Linksys wireless: https://preview.redd.it/roiq8h6nqi881.png?width=1284&format= png & car = webp & s = d5a0b1e07d4c613bcc2e1e627dffe5d718f64c3a If you navigate to My Home app HomeKit, this is what I see: B https://preview.redd.it/i5u0rh0oqi881.png?width=1284&format=png&auto=webp&s=774331abe5c839e97cb01684ba8a5c35aadba2d6 Select "Home Hubs & Bridges ”Gives me this: ȋ https://preview.redd.it/nootkdnoqi881.png?width=1284&format=png&auto=webp&s=d3a2864488c1ca611b593aba3e2e5fb14597bed3 Remember my iPad and two Apple TVs are listed. In this example, smart devices show "No Answer" because the Apple TV Bedroom is currently the "Connected" Home Hub, but this Apple TV uses Linksys wireless. Only RMT-Mini (iPad) uses the old Apple airport with another SSID just to help with this problem. If I try to control an accessory, this is the error I get: https://preview.redd.it/urvt3ycpqi881.png?width=1284&format=png&auto=webp&s=73dfa6f5b3c94ab018e77a31943002a30d0e which of these sets are My two Apple TVs: B; As you can see, this is not a basic issue, there is a more complex issue here and Apple and Linksys need to work together to find a solution. I've spent a lot of money on Apple buying Apple Homekit compatible smart devices, and I need them to work without using the old Apple Airport technology.

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