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Homekit automation does not work :(

Homekit automation does not work :(

Homekit automation does not work

I posted the same edition in r / homebridge posting here maybe I’m lucky.

Hi everyone, I don’t know if I’m in the right place to raise my issue, but I’m doing it anyway …

I’m a total beginner with this home automation and hombridge, I have HB installation in Windows 10 it works, it seems to work perfectly. I also have 3 sonm with tasmota running with the homebridge-sonoff-tasmota-http v1.2.0 plugin all working perfectly through the HB web interface.

My problem is with the HomeKit application, I added sonoff and it also works perfectly when I turn on / off, but when I try to create an automation, I start the problem.

Basically … any automation works. For example, one of the sounds I assigned to the yard lights and created an automation to turn on / off at sunset.

Whatever happens, there is no automation for me.

I hope someone can help me and give you some hints to check if I am missing a configuration.

[homebridge-config-ui-x v4.29.0]( Node.jsv14.14.0

Thanks a lot in advance!