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Homekit automation question

Homekit automation question

I have an Ubiquity Unifi G4 Doorbell camera and it is not compatible with Homekit. I wish I could turn on the lights on our porch automatically when someone comes to the front door. The porch lights are controlled by a Wireless Cassette switch.

I plan to get a Homekit compatible motion sensor. Using the Home app, you can:

1. Do you turn on the light switch if it detects movement only if it is at a certain time at night?
2. Turn off the light after x the number of minutes (only at the same time above)?

Currently, I have an automation that turns on the porch light switch at sunset and turns it off at 23:00. I don’t want the lights to go out before 11pm, even if it detects a moving event. And you don’t need to turn them on during the day.