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HomeKit + Ceiling fan control

HomeKit + Ceiling fan control

The plan was to use the HomeKit + Lutron Wireless Smart Speed ​​Control Box for our new ceiling fans. Unfortunately, Lutron switches are not compatible with modern fans that use DC control modules compared to former AC controlled fans. Fan manufacturers tell us that we will have to use Bluetooth or WifI control modules instead of the Luton switch. Unfortunately, most Wifi modules are not compatible with HomeKit.

The priorities are:

1. We do not yet want a remote control in each room for another item / device.
2. We would like to avoid adding a designed / weak-looking fan control switch to the wall switch.
3. We would like to use our iPhone (at least) to control the fans. Ideally, the Lutron or HomeKit application (although this looks very unlikely).


1. No Lutron compatibility for DC controlled fan modules.
2. The Wifi module from the fan manufacture is not HomeKit compatible.
3. The Bluetooth module from fan production receives poor reviews and / or seems hit or unreliable.

Current plan (only for lack of other options based on the above variables):

1. Keep the standard power switch in the wall plate.
2. Rotate the dice and use the Bluetooth module provided by your favorite fan production even with poor reviews.
3. Fan control through the independent production application for iPhone.

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The fan is a FANIMATION MA4660

The switch had to be a smart fan speed control Lutron PD-FSQN-WH wireless box.

The Bluetooth accessory is a Bluetooth FanSync receiver from FANIMATION

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Do you have any other suggestions that I haven’t considered yet?